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How does it work? The ALG Group is passionate about providing access and assistance to all, which is why we offer free tax advice for individuals, partners, families, seniors, disabled individuals, businesses, non-profits – anyone! All you have to do is reserve a time that works for you and we’ll answer your questions! Using the link above, you can reserve a 15 minute call with a real CPA to have your tax questions answered for free.

If you have had a tax question that you’re curious about, let us help. Chat with a tax advisor to get guidance on the best course of action for your situation. No obligation, just honest advice.
Frequently Asked Questions
These are some examples of the questions we can answer for you, based on your specific situation – in just 15 minutes!
  • Should I set up my business as LLC or corporation?
  • Would I save on taxes by changing to an S corporation?
  • Should I add my car in the business name?
  • I'm receiving inheritance, but what about the taxes?
  • I pay way too much in taxes, can we review my deductions?
  • I made a lot this year, is there something I can do before year ends to optimize my tax scenario?
  • Retirement options that can save taxes for small businesses?
  • Can I write off my home since I do business there?
About The ALG Group
The ALG Group has a longstanding background serving individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. We provide tax prep, tax resolution, IRS representation, business planning, QuickBooks services, and more, to Michigan residents and businesses, as well as remote clients nationwide. Our team of financial experts can assist with whatever situation you or your organization is facing. 

Our goal is to create a friendly, welcoming environment beyond accounting, taxes, and numbers. Whether an individual, business, or non-profit, we aim to provide a customer experience where our client’s feel valued and appreciated.