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“I just need my taxes done quick…”
“This will be easy and cheap…”
“I’ll just drop my documents off with those people I saw on my drive home from work…”
“I don’t have time for this…this will be good enough.”
Let's be honest. Basic strip mall tax services have their merits. They're quick, cost-effective, and can handle standard tax situations.If your tax return is straightforward, they might be a good choice for you. 

BUT, if your financial situation is anything but standard, why settle for the basics? You and your taxes demand attention, precision, and expertise. That's where The ALG Group comes in – to take your tax prep experience beyond what those types of services can offer.
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Why Settle for Less than What You Deserve?
At first, basic tax services might seem like an easy and quick option. They deliver what they promise, efficiently handling straight forward filings. But if your financial situation is more complex than a simple W-2, you need more than just a basic plug and play service, more than just someone plugging numbers into a software, more than just the basics.   

If you own a business, rental property, recently sold or bought a house, need to file 1099s, are self-employed or anything beyond a basic filing – you deserve attention from a tax professional.  

Experience Matters: With over 15 years of trusted service to our community, we've seen it all. We're not just tax professionals; we're your neighbors, deeply rooted in Michigan. Our commitment is not just until April – we're here for you year-round.
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Michigan's Trusted Tax Professionals: Real CPAs,Real Advice
More Than a Tax Software – Professionals at YourService
Our team goes beyond plug and play tax software. We are real, licensed CPAs committed to investing the time to understand your financial situation and providing customized and expert advice.  

Our experienced CPAs can spot opportunities and issues that others may overlook, potentially saving you money through deductions, credits, and preventing future tax headaches. Don't be misled by the promises of quick and effortless basic tax services. Choose a team that's here to stay, here to defend, and here to make your tax experience seamless.
Still questioning whether you should just choose the quick and easy way? Let our extensive experience and local credibility speak for itself. Your taxes deserve a professional touch - make the right choice and call The ALG Group today.